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Orang & Rasberry - Watercolor Print & Pattern Design

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About the Product

Capture the vibrant essence of summer with our stunning Orange & Raspberry watercolor print and pattern designs. Inspired by the luscious hues of these juicy fruits, this collection is a burst of energy and warmth.


Print Repeat Dimensions: (width X Height) Orange & Raspberry Pattern: 5000 x 5000 PX at 600 DPI in TIFF format


★ 1 Patterns: 5000 x 5000 PX at 600 DPI in TIFF format

★ seamless repeat patterns in JPG format

★ Individual motifs in PNG format with transparent background

Finally, Please send me an email, if you have questions at all regarding this product or suggestions or anything at all! I am super excited to hear from you and more than happy to help!

Happy Purchasing :)!

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